• Deco-Chrome was established in 1998 by Jacques Prevost.

    We hold a standard of exceptional quality and a reputation of excellence in North America. We take pride in detailing all parts and returning your parts in excellent condition.

     Our shop has had countless show winners over the years and had numerous bikes and cars in magazines. We offer polishing and plating of the following diversified materials; steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and pot metal. Available Finishes: copper, nickel, quality of chrome “Show Chrome”. We can chrome plate auto bumpers and repair them to a show finish. We polish brass and copper to a bright finish and also the restoration of pot metal parts. Discover what thousands of happy customers around the world already know. Deco-Chrome offers authentic quality and service at a fair price with good turnaround times. Contact us today for all your custom chrome needs.

    Jack Prevost / President

    Our Services

    Deco-Chrome offers Plating of copper, nickel & decorative chrome on aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel & pot metal. Other services include polishing, buffing & blasting glass bead. Below are some of the many items we have refinished.Motorcycle Parts/Antique Car Parts/Classic Car Parts/Hot Rod Parts/ Truck Parts/Boat Parts/Airplane Parts/Snowmobile Parts/Farm Tractor Parts/Gun Parts/Antique Bathroom Fixtures/Statues.Whether providing contract work to manufacturers or custom work to individuals we offer authentic quality and service at fair prices with good turnaround times. Contact us today for all your custom chrome needs.We Triple Plate all of our parts! Copper-Nickel-Chrome to insure show quality plating,ourparts are finished using the following procedures: First the parts are stripped of any coatings-paints-old plating etc... After stripping, we do any necessary welding, repair broken pins, holes & cracks. After necessary repairs, the parts will receive the first initial polish.   After the initial polishing, the parts receive Acid Copper Plating. This is a very important step; this provides a very good base for the Nickel to adhere and allows us to remove flaws in the part by Copper Buffing.  In this step the parts are returned to the polishing Dept. for another round with the polishers (that is right  polished twice).Only after Copper buffing are the parts ready to Nickel and Chrome plating. 

    Cleaning and inspection. 

    Procedure for Exporting Goods To Canada 

    U.S. customer wanting to send parts to Canada must proceed as follows...
    Once your parcel is ready to be shipped out, we recommend that you call UPS and have them clear your package at customs. You can also ship your package at your local Postal service in your area.
    You must print the following address directly on the package:


    1620, Route 201
    Ormstown (Quebec) Canada J0S 1K0

    You must also make sure that our Federal Exemption number
    (87-016 E 2094) appears in the Zone 26 of the form B3 of import.
    This number allows you to send us your parts without having to pay taxes on the value of the goods exported to Canada.
    Important: When filling out the paper work, it is very important that you specify that the goods are being exported for restoration and/or plating and will be returned to owner within 90 days.
    Also, it is recommended that you declare the lowest amount possible ($15.00 or less you will have NO brokerage and duty charges to pay) in regards to the value of the goods because this will have a direct impact on the amount of your invoice for customs clearance.
    Important: Please put a check mark √ in Brokerage and duty charges to be billed to the shipper.
    Hoping this information will prove to be helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require additional information.




1620, Route 201 Ormstown

(Quebec) Canada J0S 1K0

Tel : 450-829-3735   1-888-829-3735

 Fax : 450-829-3726




Shipping Info


1.  Be sure to package your parts properly. Use a sturdy box. Package small parts in bags. Use at least 4 inches of newspaper to protect your parts from damage that may occur during shipping due to poor packaging. 

2.  Please print a packing list for your box. Number your parts on the packing list and count the pieces. Be specific on what and which side you want polished and which parts get chrome, nickel or polished only.

3.  Be sure to include your name, street address (Use a street address, UPS will not ship to a post office box), zip code and telephone number (WE MUST HAVE YOUR JOB NUMBER TO TRACK YOUR JOB) where you can be reached during the day and your home phone number.

4.  Insure each package for replacement costs in the event any pieces are damaged during shipment.

5.  We ship UPS, Purolator, Dicom Express, Fedex and Canada Post.   Customers will be charge for freight on return shipment of your job.